Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Winner of the Quiz

Friday's Quiz was very well attended with 10 tables. An enjoyable evening with a lovely buffet and good company. The winning table pictured here with organisers June Willcocks and Mary Willington together with Quiz Master Rose Blackburn.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Coffee Morning and Talk February 3rd in Pembroke Town Hall

Pembroke & Monkton Local History Society will be continuing its programme of Talks with accompanying Coffee Mornings on Saturday morning February 3rd in Pembroke Town Hall, commencing 10am. This month’s meeting will feature a talk by popular speaker and author, Phil Carradice. Phil will be introducing his forthcoming book ‘A History of Witches and Witch Hunts’ which looks at witchcraft from early times (mainly Egyptian and Roman) to the present day. “Witchcraft was a pre-cursor to religion and was at various times a threat and a support. The book highlights the Medieval period when over 100,000 women across Europe - and they were mostly women - were accused of witchcraft. Around 70,000 were executed without real evidence. Scotland killed off 5000, England 3000 but Wales - just five, due mainly to the concept of 'the wise women '; village herb gatherers who provided the only medical aid available. The book also looks at famous witch trials, such as the Salem Witches, and witch hunts - from Matthew Hopkins (the famous Witchfinder General) to Senator Joe McCarthy and other modern hunts (political rather than social/religious etc)”. (The book is published by Pen & Sword, hardback and kindle - due out 28th February). Doors will open from 10am for coffee and an opportunity to visit the Museum and Council Chamber, which are situated on the first floor of the Town Hall – a lift is available for disabled access. Following this, at 11am, we assemble in the George Lewis Room for the talk. Everyone is welcome to attend – you do not have to be a member - and entry is free.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Friday January 26th Quiz Night and Buffet

January 13th Talk and Coffee Morning

So many people joined us for our New Year's get together on Saturday - I don't think we've ever had such numbers, exceeding a hundred! We began with a coffee morning and a look around the museum (which, through the winter months is closed, reopening February Half-term). Then all assembled in the George Lewis room for the talk by Dr Robert Davies MBE. Robert took us on a photographic tour around our beautiful county of Pembrokeshire exploring its natural and historic sites. I have to say I am full of admiration for his beautiful photography, which was shown off to advantage via the Town Hall's new television screen monitor, a big improvement on our previous screen and projector!

Monday, January 1, 2024

January 13th - Talk by Dr Robert Davies MBE

We begin the New Year with a Coffee Morning and Talk by Dr Robert Davies MBE. The title of his talk is 'Fifty Shades of Pembrokeshire', which he describes as follows: “As a keen photographer, artist and local historian, whenever I travel around Pembrokeshire my camera and digital sketchbook are with me, as a result I have accumulated thousands of digital photographs encapsulating Pembrokeshire’s hidden places. Many of the photographs that I use to illustrate my talk will hopefully remind the audience of just how magnificent Pembrokeshire truly is. Throughout the talk we wind our way along the footpaths, tracks and its narrow lanes to visit the well known parts of the County and more importantly the less well known areas. Quotes from artists and photographers are often used to help illustrate a photograph or offer a greater understanding. A little background information of a place will be given together with a brief history. My love of ‘The Milford Haven Waterway’ will also come through together with its exciting and fascinating history. We will look at the Eastern Cleddau pass by Blackpool Mill, Slebech Hall and Picton Castle down the Daugleddau exploring the many creeks and historic sites. We will travel up the Cresswell and Carew Rivers and back to Lawrenny to carry on with our journey passing Burton and under the Cleddau Bridge, pop into the Pembroke River and travel on down the lower Haven towards the open sea, passing Angle, Lindsway Bay, Watwick Bay to St Anne’s Head”.