Saturday, June 30, 2012

We visit Pembroke, Nova Scotia

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks across the Ocean in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Far away from Pembroke,  but whilst there happened upon another Pembroke. Not much there though – a few houses by the shoreline on Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy, which lays claim to the highest tides in the world.  An interpretation panel informed us that every 6 hours the tides rise to an average of 50 feet: every 24 hours 115 billion tons of water move in and out of the Bay of Fundy, a volume equal to the discharge of all of the world’s rivers.  Some tide!  A short distance down the road, we stopped for lunch at a friendly pub which claimed fame for its hamburgers ‘Home of the Walton Whopper: under one billion served’ – they obviously like to think big around here!  What the Walton Whopper actually tasted like though I’m afraid I cannot say as we are both vegetarians.  Good food anyway and lovely people – we left them with our Pembroke Sense of Place leaflet to promote old Pembroke back home!

Award winning Society!

We have received 2 awards for our efforts in promoting the history of Pembroke: first by Pembroke Town Council and second by PAVS for “the outstanding work made to the community through volunteering”.   Nice one!