Sunday, September 18, 2016

Join us at our Tudor Morning on October 1st

Sponsored by Pembroke Town Council.  Free entry and all proceeds from the sale of coffee and raffle will be donated to the Statue Fund.

Training with the People's Collection, NLW

Hazel Thomas from NLW came down to Monkton Community Hall to give us some training on accessing and uploading to the People's Collection, scanning and museum procedures. An enjoyable day with a good teacher - we gained a lot and hope to build on this in the coming months.

At the Dyfed Family History & Genealogy Fair

Yesterday, September 17th we took Henry to Carmarthen to promote the statue campaign. The Dyfed Family History & Genealogy Fair takes place annually at St Peter's Civic Hall in Carmarthen and is very popular.  Our Henry macquette certainly created much interest and we were able to draw attention to the other Pembroke Town Council projects the History Society is involved in - the Museum, Town Trail and joint events to promote Pembroke's history.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Quiz Night, Friday 16th September

Winners of our Quiz Night with an exceptionally high score were Pru Pattison, Meg Burrell, Alison Johns, Pam Evans, Mel Phillips with Quiz Master Chris Lankshear.

Out and about with Henry this summer

The Henry VII macquette

At the Pembroke River Rally

At the Pembroke Show

At the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre

We've commissioned a lightweight macquette of the Henry VII statue to help promote the Statue Project and have been displaying him at events. We took him as far as Bosworth for the annual re-enactment of the battle's anniversary on the weekend prior to  August 22nd.  An amazing event - hope we can repeat the experience next year!