Friday, July 27, 2012

Next Events

We will not be holding events during July/August - had intended to have a break but we are very much out and about supporting local events: to date, the Diamond Jubilee in the Castle, the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society's River Rally, the Flower Festival in St Mary's Church and next week the Lamphey History Society, Pembroke Show and Stackpole Church.  We also have a heritage display in the shop window of Brown's fish and chip cafe.  Not forgetting the weekly articles in the Pembroke and Pembroke Dock Observer.  Some break!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

West Wales Maritime Heritage Society's River Rally 2012

The River Rally
On Sunday 15th July, I had the opportunity to join the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society on a voyage up the Pembroke River. I boarded one of the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society’s crafts “Quest” on Hobbs Point along with none other than Henry VII himself (alias Peter Kraus, Mayor of Pembroke Dock).  As usual David James, Secretary of the Society led the way with “Supporter” to Crow Pool where we rendezvoused with other boats making their way from various points along the waterway to join the rally.  Already there was “Dashing”, Cllr John Allen-Mirehouse’s boat, the lead vessel carrying the Mayor of Pembroke Cllr Mel Phillips.

It was a lovely summer’s day, the sunshine rendering the water a brilliant blue, and the boats cut a colourful spectacle as they sailed along Castle Pond to dock at the South Quay.  Many spectators had gathered to view the event and join in the activities there and we were greeted by Pauline Waters, the Town Crier, who welcomed us all to Pembroke. First to step ashore was The Mayor who declared “This river rally is to exercise the right of passage up and down the Pembroke River for the people of Pembrokeshire."

Father Gildas visits Monkton Priory

Priory Church last week.  Father Gildas has spent many years researching the religious communities and churches in Pembrokeshire and has a particular interest  in the old Priory, the importance of which is not fully realised, he believes.

 Monkton Priory was founded in 1098, following the Norman Conquest which saw the invasion and building of Pembroke Castle in 1093.  Its history stretches back further as there is strong evidence to believe that the Priory was built upon an earlier Christian site for Christianity had entered Wales at a very early date, long before the Conquest.  Father Gildas was of the opinion that the monastery was very large accommodating not only monks but lay brothers and nuns.  It would have been the administrative centre where the populace came to sort out problems & disputes, perform rites of passage, seek help for ailments.  Around 200 people would have lived there.   He believed strongly that the importance of Monkton Priory was not fully realised and there is much that needs to be brought to light.  He added that what we have here is something very special.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Museum of Scrimpinology

When Jeff and Pat James asked me to visit their Museum of Scrimpinology earlier this year whilst attending one of our events, I had no idea what to expect.  They only open it for 2 weeks in the year they told me to book a date well in advance if I wanted to take along a party from the History Society.  Now I know why.  The Museum is a treasure trove of memorabilia, a real trip down memory lane - an amazing collection of household items, tools,  games, everyday objects from the past as well as an old signal box and railway items, a mining section from Hook, school classroom and cinema equipment and even vintage cars.  "Oh I remember that" was heard over and over again as everyone delighted in looking and handling objects remembered from their younger days. 
What an amazing achievement! To have gathered all this material together and more than that, to have organised and presented it a way to make it so accessible. I loved the humorous touches too - the lady with eyes which lit up in the telephone box, the legs poking out from under one of the cars. Such a lot of care and love has gone into it - and all done for love as no funding has gone into it.  Thank you so much Jeff and Pat for a wonderful evening and for your warm welcome.