Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Next Event - Pembroke's Maritime Past

Long Ago, Down Below

Our talk by John Russell on Friday June 17th was another huge success with just under 100 people attending!
John talked about the families who lived on the farms on the Castlemartin peninsular and who were, prior to World War II, dispossessed of their land to make way for the tank training range. He told their story "Long Ago, Down Below" and some people affected actually attended the talk!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Growing Up in the Main Street - June 4th

This exhibition,organised by Vicki Haggar, attracted huge interest. Vicki was was born and grew up in Pembroke Main Street and her exhibition was a memoir of the Street as it was while she was growing up. Said Vicki, " Many people have helped me in my search for historical facts about Main Street premises and I am truly grateful to them all for their kindness and help. Although I am not an historian I have done my best to collect historical data and present it but alongside this I have tried to convey a picture of Pembroke as I saw it in my time. What the people meant to me, the local characters, the shops, the shopkeepers etc. There is so much to say but one can only write a few words on a display and this is why I ask that anyone with memories, photo’s or anything of interest on Pembroke Main Street contact us so that we can build a bigger picture and leave our memories recorded in time never to be lost as so many things are. "