Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Sculptor Gideon Petersen with the Dragon maquette

Last year we won a funding grant from LEADER to explore the feasibility of  a fountain in Pembroke Millpond.The idea originated from the need to improve the environment of Pembroke Millpond, a cause for public concern.  Reeds growing out of control and green algal bloom covering the waters of Pembroke Millpond are problems which Pembroke Town Council is seeking to resolve.  Last year a new Millpond Group was formed to find solutions to these problems.  Working alongside these organisations, the History Society believes that a fountain would help aerate the waters of the Millpond to improve the water quality with a beneficial effect on the local landscape and pond life.
Funding was obtained from LEADER to explore this idea:
1. Explore the design and technology involved in the fountain’s working and construction
2. Involve the local schools in a STEAM project
3. Build a working maquette - (small scale working model)

The fountain in the shape of a dragon will be a fitting sculpture for a town branding itself as the birthplace of the Tudor Dynasty. The supporters of the Tudor Coat of Arms are the Welsh Dragon and the White Greyhound.  The Henry Tudor statue on the Mill Bridge features the greyhound – we need the Welsh Dragon to complete the picture.
This stage of the project is now complete and the maquette of the dragon has been made by local sculptor Gideon Petersen, responsible for the acclaimed statue of Welsh resistance hero Llywelyn ap Gruffydd in Llandovery and the popular Bertie the Sea Bass created for the Turn the Tide on Plastic project led by Amroth and Saundersfoot community councils.  We would like to organise a public consultation to invite community views but, because of COVID-19 restrictions, this is not possible at the present time.  However, we are exhibiting our Dragon in the shop window next to Brown’s CafĂ© (by kind permission of Mrs Glenys Brown) so that it can be on public view - a practical demonstration of its workings will have to wait until we can hold a public meeting. 
If you would like to offer any comment, please contact Pembroke Town Hall or email us on

You can view the maquette in the window next to Brown's Cafe