Saturday, February 18, 2012

St Davids Day Exhibition and Lunch - March 3rd

George for President

We have grown so much as an organisation that we felt, as a committee, that we needed to elect a president. Artist and local personality George Lewis, who has worked closely with us, accepted the role to great applause from the assembled members. George, as well as being an accomplished artist has a great knowledge of Pembroke's history as can be seen from the Pembroke Murals displayed in Pembroke Town Hall which he painted with his wife Jeanne. Pembroke, as well as being so rich in history has a great artistic heritage as well: many of the great topographical artists came here to paint the castle and surroundings. So who better than George to be our president?

Monday, February 6, 2012

We launch our Pembroke Leaflet

On Saturday February 4th we launched our Pembroke Sense of Place leaflet. We were amazed that so many people turned up on such a horrible, dark wet day - but inside the Church Hall the atmosphere was quite the opposite. A hugely successful event - makes all the hard work worthwhile.
It is surprising how much time and effort goes into the production of these leaflets - all the writing and rewriting, the proof reading, the tweaking (writing the history of Pembroke in 1800 words is quite a challenge!) . George Lewis did the illustrations which are lovely and Kate Lindley of Planed supervised the production and funded the leaflet. It is bilingual and pdfs of the leaflet in Welsh and in English are to be made available on the website to download.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Coldest day of the year yet - Castle Pond freezes

The mild winter suddenly got colder and the Castle Pond began to freeze over yesterday, but only partly so. Contrast last year when it froze over completely at the end of November!! It was bitterly cold and would you believe it? Our central heating boiler broke down! All credit to British Gas - they were here this morning at 8 am to mend it. Well done!

We talk to Pembroke's Darby and Joan Club

Had a lovely afternoon on Thursday - we were invited along to the Darby and Joan Club at Pembroke Town Hall. We gave a film show and talked about the work we are doing in the Local History Society. Afterwards we had a nice tea and even won a raffle prize!