Saturday, May 8, 2010

Next Event June 5th

On June 5th we will be holding a coffee morning at Monkton Church Hall. We are being treated to an old cine film of Monkton in the early 1950s courtesy of Sue Jones - that will stir some memories!! If anyone has any old cine films taken locally we would love to hear from you.

Terry's Civil War Walk

Despite the rain, 20 brave souls turned up for our Civil War Walk led by Terry John who is an expert on the subject and a popular speaker. He makes it so interesting. We walked around the Castle and along the Millpond walk and were able to see where the guns were sited which did such damage to Pembroke during the Second Civil War when Poyer changed sides and backed the King. Bad move and bad for Pembroke as we lost our town gates, much of the walls and castle! An interesting detour was made courtesy of Margaret and Thalia - we were able to visit the Mediaeval Chapel which was part of the York where Cromwell made his headquarters after taking Pembroke.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Visit to the Priory

Stories about walled up monks and ghosts kept the audience enthralled as Pauline gave her conducted tour around Monkton Priory Church on Bank Holiday Monday, May 3rd. Pauline bravely stepped in to do the tour as Dilwyn Davies, our expert on the Priory, was too ill - we all wish him well.
This was another successful Monkton event held at the Church Hall where the coffee morning was well attended and more new material emerged. The exhibition also contained many "new"photographs kindly donated as a result of the launch in March and subsequent publicity.