Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 5th Event

Another good attendance - date clashing with other events fortunately did not affect us. The highlight was a film show taken in Monkton in the early 1950s by Mr Penfold. He came along to see it as did his daughter Sue Jones who originally contacted us about the film and permitted it to be copied. Sue did a commentary and everyone joined in with their recollections.


I have been away for 3 weeks so have not updated this for a while - Stuart and I have been off in the camper visiting London and stopped at Portsmouth on the way back. Lived there as a child for a couple of years so was curious to see the old place - and Portsmouth has a special place in the history of Pembroke and Pembroke Dock as so many people left to find work there after the closing of the Dockyard in 1926. But my main reason was to see the Warrior, also a former Pembroke resident - and WOW!!! what a transformation! Last time I saw her was as a hulk on the side of the Cleddau, hardly worth a second glance and now! WOW - have to say it again, she is magnificent. Proudly floating in Portsmouth Dockyard, a multi million pound tourist attraction. Why can't the authorities here realise that regeneration is to be had in projects like this? What a difference she would have made to Pembroke Dock - all they can think of here is ruining the whole aspect of historic Front Street with blocks of flats and a marina. No vision at all.