Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our First AGM Friday 18th February

Rob Scourfield proved to be a popular speaker at our first AGM yesterday. As Chairman I opened the meeting giving an annual report of our achievements through0ut the year - and we have achieved a great deal, establishing ourselves well into the community. Stuart presented the accounts which show a healthy bank balance which reflects some grant aid (we have received funding from the WCVA Communities First Trust Fund) but also our own fundraising efforts which enable us to offer all events free. The officers stood down and all were re elected.
Afterwards Rob took over and gave us his hugely enjoyable talk about the South Pembrokeshire dialect . It was a good laugh with many contributions from the audience. Afterwards we were able to have a chat over coffee and biscuits before leaving to brave the tempest which raged outside!

We saw 3 Ships ...

On Thurday Stuart and I put together a talk for West Wales Maritime Heritage Society on the subject of ships connected with Pembroke. Last year we visited the Warrior in Portsmouth Naval Dockyard Museum, the Garlandstone at Morwellan Quay and the Kathleen and May at Bideford. Took loads of pics and we put them all together in a Presentation. Lot of work to assemble it all and get the information all together but think it went down ok. Enjoyed the chat afterwards (and the drink )at the Neyland Yacht Club.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Talking to the Monkton Priory School Project

The travelling community have long been associated with Monkton and yesterday I was invited to talk to the pupils of the Monkton Priory School Project. It is an impressive project and the friendly inviting atmosphere a credit to the very committed teaching staff. I enjoyed talking to the pupils about Monkton's past and found them interested and responsive - luckily too there was a gypsy vardo parked outside the school on loan from Scolton Manor (County Museum)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pembrokeshire Prospector's Society

Jack Tree of Pembrokeshire Prospector's Society proved to be a popular speaker with a large audience turning up to listen to his talk and see the artefacts and coins which he brought along. His talk was all the more fascinating as he allowed us to handle the artefacts which were passed freely among us. There's something about actually handling an object - you feel that connection with the past, the thought that sometime, long ago people were holding that same object. Great stuff!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011