Thursday, February 25, 2010

Banner Making

Anyone fancy Banner Making for the Pembroke Festival? Gwen is looking for volunteers. Interested? Give her a ring on 01646 683311.

Monkton History Day, Saturday March 13th

Saturday, March 13th our Society is launching the Monkton History Project – we are trying to raise awareness of the fascinating history of Monkton with the aim of producing a leaflet. This will take place in the Church Hall, Monkton where we will be holding a coffee morning from 10.30 am to 1 pm.
We are appealing to anyone who may have photographs and memories to share. At 11.30 am we will be taking a walk around old Monkton with local heroes who can recall the layout of Monkton prior to the bulldozing of much of the old community and the building of the large housing estate.

Maritime Archaeology March 10th

Have just received an email from James Meek of Dyfed Archaeology informing me about a talk on Maritime Archaeology at St. John's Church, Priory Street, Carmarthen at 7.00pm (parking is available very close to the church). No entry fee! and you may even be able to get a cup of tea and a biscuit.

The presentation will take the form of a lively, entertaining, thought provoking, power point presentation on Maritime Archaeology and have the following timetable:
An Introduction to Maritime Archaeology, the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) and how anyone who is interested could get involved further. (~45 min).
Break (if required).
A Case Study - The story of work the Malvern Archaeological Diving Unit have been carrying out on a protected wreck site in Cardigan Bay and known as the Diamond. (~30 min).
Questions & Answers, General Discussion, etc.
The presentation will be given by Ian Cundy who has been a diver for ~17 years, and who runs the Malvern Archaeological Diving Unit.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Forthcoming Talks

Linda and Stuart will be giving two talks in the near future to local organisations which you may find of interest.

1. Civic Trust on Monday, February 22nd at the Power Station Club, Main Street 7.30 pm.
This will be about our ongoing work in recording memories of local people and combining them with old photographs of Pembroke. It will be called "Memories of Pembroke in sound and pictures" - poster to follow.

2. West Wales Maritime Heritage Society: Stories of the Pembroke River: an audio visual presentation. Thursday March 4th, 7.30pm. at the Pembroke Haven Yacht Club. We are busy recording stories for this - if you have one please let us know!
To find out more about this Society, their website is

Meeting of February 12th

Ted Goddard's talk on Pembrokeshire Shipwrecks was greeted with enthusiasm - 28 attending. An expert and much sought after speaker, we were fortunate to welcome Ted and hear him speak on “ Pembrokeshire Shipwrecks”. Among the many shipwrecks and daring rescues on the part of the local lifeboat crews, we heard of the infamous wreck of the Lockshiel which ran aground on the rocks of Thorn Island. The Angle lifeboat men effected a hazardous rescue, for which they received medals from the RNLI, but in true “Whiskey Galore” tradition much of the cargo of whisky found its way into the many homes of Angle!

Our next meeting will take place again in the Foundry House Community Centre, Pembroke on Friday March 12th at 7.30 pm. Our speaker will be Frank Harries who will be talking about his fascinating life experiences “Through the Years”.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OUR NEXT EVENT - February 12th 7.30pm.

Don't miss it! All welcome.

A Widow Penny

Another contribution from Ian and Thalia - this mini plaque measuring 6" across was found under the floorboards of their attic above their garage in Pembroke. They have traced it to Morgan Price who died in action on 25 Sep 1915.
These bronze Memorial Plaques "widow pennies" were awarded to the next-of-kin of those who lost their lives whilst on active service during World War One. The inscription around the edge reads "He (or she) died for freedom and Honour". When commemorating the death of a lady (for example a nurse), the "He" is replaced by "She". Over 1 million "He" plaques were issued compared to approximately 600 "She" plaques.

A Banner in History

At a meeing in Monkton Comunity Centre, Committee members Stuart, Pam, Thalia, Linda and Rachel hold up the Nelson Mandela Banner , made for the celebrations of his 70th birthday for the Anti apartheid movement...It was made by Thalia and Ian at Glangors in Borth Nr Aberystwyth, partly out in the garden as it was so huge...It was used at the head of the march through London every red tab along to the top was carried by a world figure including Neil Kinnock and Bishop Tu Tu ....It was also used out side Aberystwyth Town Hall where we had speakers and sang the ANC national anthem on one of their languages. The banner then went on tour around UK as part of the Exhibition 100 years of Womens banners. It was then lost for 20 years until found in Toms garage when he moved house recently. We are working to find an appropriate institution to give it a home....