Sunday, February 4, 2018

YEAR OF THE SEA - February 3rd

Ted Goddard addresses a large audience
Ted Goddard, Frank Harries and David James
Our 'Year of the Sea' event proved very popular - 86 people attended which demonstrates a very great interest in our maritime history!
This was a joint event with West Wales Maritime Heritage Society, a Society we are pleased to work with and which has made a great contribution to Pembroke Museum.
We had two speakers.  First Ted Goddard gave a fascinating account of the Early Days of the Dockyard and some of the ships which were built there. It always amazes me to see what was achieved by this town of Pembroke Dock - hard to believe now that it was a world leader in shipbuilding in the 19th century.  It built Royal Yachts and many famous ships. One of these, Ted told us, was HMS Erebus, one of Sir John Franklin's ships on his fateful last expedition.
A ship that is very dear to Pembroke people is the Warrior and David James of West Wales Maritime Heritage Society shared his memories of the ship when she was a moored off Llanion where she was used as an oil jetty.  He remembered fishing off there as a boy while others in the audience joined in with their memories.  One of these was Frank Harries who worked there and had amusing anecdotes to share. 
In 1976  Warrior was towed away for renovation at Hartlepool - now restored to all her former glory she can be seen in the Royal Dockyard, Portsmouth.
Warrior at Pembroke Dock 
Warrior restored at Portsmouth

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