Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A museum for Pembroke?

It has long been an aspiration to have a museum in Pembroke – but where do you begin?  Well, a start is now being made by Pembroke Town Council which has now formed a Museum’s Committee of which we are a part along with other local historians.  We met on Friday April 12th and present on this occasion were  Cllr Aidan Brinn (Chairman of the Committee), Cllr and Mayor Mel Phillips, George Lewis, Cllr Linda Asman,  Stuart Asman , David James, Terry John, Gene Ryecroft ,Vicki Haggar, Cllr Pauline Waters, Cllr Dennis Evans with Karen Didcott ( Town Clerk).

Pembroke Town Council has granted permission for the Court Room to be used as a museum during the summer months, June to September inclusive, and we will start assembling the displays following Mayor Making which takes place in the Court Room on May 11th

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