Thursday, May 24, 2012

18th May: Castlemartin: life after the military requisition

Ann Lankshear introduces the evening's proceedings
Participants in the event
 Ann Lankshear organised the proceedings which drew a large crowd of 76 people, such is the interest still in this event which happened so long ago. It is Ann’s aim to bring people together to pool information and to record the stories, collecting information and photographs of the farms and cottages.
In 1939 the War Office made a decision which was to affect many people who lived here: it was decided that land be requisitioned for use as a tank training range. As with all decisions made from above a price has to be paid, and many families in the Castlemartin area paid heavily for it. Uncovering the human story was the aim of our meeting on Friday, when some of the people who had been affected by the requisition were invited to come forward to give their stories.

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