Sunday, April 18, 2010

Castlemartin Range West

Yesterday, Stuart, Thalia and I had the opportunity to go on an organised National Parks visit to Range West. Actually, I had thought that we were going on a walk across the Coast Path but instead it turned out to be a guided tour of the buildings on the Range with Rob Scourfield. Wow, what a day! It was fascinating. We began at Flimston Church and then looked around the old farm buildings which date from 12 century - originally a Flemish settlement, hence the name. I had no idea the buildings were that old. Then we went on to Pricaston, again a once fine building of Mediaeval origins. Then on to Brownslade - the house has been blown up but the gardens remain - amazing the extent of these walled gardens. Truly the lost gardens of Pembroke. It makes you realise what a huge loss to our locality - the house and these gardens could have been a major tourist attraction! Typical disregard for heritage here!
It was a great day out with fantastic weather - wouldn't have missed it. It was led by Parks Ranger Lynne Houslton - I'll try to arrange a return visit for our group next year.

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