Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Banner in History

At a meeing in Monkton Comunity Centre, Committee members Stuart, Pam, Thalia, Linda and Rachel hold up the Nelson Mandela Banner , made for the celebrations of his 70th birthday for the Anti apartheid movement...It was made by Thalia and Ian at Glangors in Borth Nr Aberystwyth, partly out in the garden as it was so huge...It was used at the head of the march through London every red tab along to the top was carried by a world figure including Neil Kinnock and Bishop Tu Tu ....It was also used out side Aberystwyth Town Hall where we had speakers and sang the ANC national anthem on one of their languages. The banner then went on tour around UK as part of the Exhibition 100 years of Womens banners. It was then lost for 20 years until found in Toms garage when he moved house recently. We are working to find an appropriate institution to give it a home....

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